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What is the TPSA ?

• Turkish Partnership South Africa (TPSA) founded in mid 1990’s.
• Purpose:
- to support the indigenous Turkish church.
• The TPSA consists out of Congregations, individuals and organizations that have the same heart and passion to partner in a network for this purpose.

Why the Turks?

• Biblical cradle of God’s dealings in history.
• Strategic in World affairs:
- Rising superpower in cross roads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East,
- Turkey historically proven a very strong nation in leading world events in the Middle East and central Eurasia,
- Political/economic significance of the land because of its geographical location and resources.

The Purpose of the TPSA

• We therefore endeavour to mobilize partnerships between local congregations in RSA and Turkey for mutual support.
• We also network with other international partnership networks with the same purpose.
• We trust to serve God’s interests by:
- providing opportunities for involvement,
- avail relevant and current information,
- mobilizing prayer,
- expand the existing ministries and partnerships.

The Team and Partnership Network

• The team consists of representatives from:
- local Churches in RSA and Turkey,
- mobilizing Organizations,
- part-time volunteers.
• The Network consists of:
- RSA local churches, individuals and organizations,
- International and Turkish church networks.

Overview of Turkey