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Christian Leaders Organize International Prayer Day

December 2020

Various church services and Christian leaders around the world organized an international prayer day for those who accept Christ of different faiths.

In an interview with CBN News, Haruan Ibrahim of Al-Hayat Services shared about the persecution of Christians. Ibrahim said, “In many countries, they are killed because of their beliefs. Many of them lose their jobs, families, children and spouses. Unfortunately, we can say that they lost their lives in some cases."

Ibrahim said that they believed it worthwhile to be persecuted for Christ because they knew the value of the gospel that set them free.

The number of people from different religions who adopt Christianity is rapidly increasing. Ibrahim added that Communio Messianica, a global network, was established to develop a sense of belonging among believers who feel isolated from each other and from the universal body of Christ.

Ibraham prayed with his Moroccan and Christian host, Sister Imane, at the international prayer event.

In July, as Christian Headlines previously reported, many Iranians devoted their lives to Christ. Since the epidemic hit the country in March, 3,000 Iranians have been reported to have new hope in Christ every month. However, it is known that those who adopt Christianity in Iran will be sentenced to prison and will be subjected to various persecutions.

In a separate event held last Sunday, Christian organizations prayed for Christians in China, India and Nigeria, who faced increasing persecution during the epidemic.