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Death Threat to Church Leaders in Antalya

July 2020

In the news made by, a person who came to the center of Antalya Bible Churches in Kaleiçi threatened the church leaders with death. It was learned that the attacker, who had a criminal record of conscious injury, previously broke the windows of the church.

Caner G., who was learned to have two criminal records, came to ask for the church leader Özgür Uludağ on Sunday, July 12, at 10.30 before the worship time. The guard of the church sent the person away, saying that he would come tomorrow. Caner G., who came to the church again at 11:30 on Monday, asked the security guard about Özgür Uludağ again. The guard directed him to the other leader of the church, Erkan Fırat. Caner G., who sat and talked with Pastor Fırat in the cafe of the Church, eventually broke from reality and began to explain strange things, according to the statement of the church leader Erkan Fırat. Upon this, he was told that he came to the church with different expectations and not for worship purposes, and was told not to come to the church with these expectations.

Thereupon, Caner G. told Fırat, “You and Özgür should consider yourselves dead. I broke the glasses of this church a few months ago, I will attack again and will burn it down if necessary.” Upon these threats, the security guard of the church stepped in and removed the suspect from the church. He said to the security guard, “I have an opponent in this church. It is the leader of the church, Özgür Uludağ.” The suspect walked away from the church before the cops arrived.

Cops In Pursuit Of The Attacker
Upon the incident, the police from the Security Branch Directorate came to the church to collect information. Church leaders Özgür Uludağ and Erkan Fırat went to the Antalya Police Department to file a complaint. Özgür Uludağ, one of the leaders of the Antalya Bible Church, who gave information to the Hristiyan Haber about the incident, said, “Our statements were taken at the Police Headquarters. Our questioning lasted for 4.5 hours. Police officials continue to work to arrest the suspect. When he is caught and sent to the courthouse, we will follow the situation. Police officers are working with extraordinary diligence. They are also in close contact with us. We thank them all.”

The Attacker Has Criminal Record
It was learned that the assailant had previously been convicted of crimes of negligence and injury to the house immunity. It was learned that the attacker, who was detained in the attack of the breaking the windows of the church, was released under the condition of judicial control because he said he was regretful, and that a lawsuit was not opened because the church didn’t press charges, and he was released.