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New Year’s Eve Event From Istanbul Governorship

January 2020

The Governorship of Istanbul organized a New Year’s Day event at the Ciragan Palace for Christians from different denominations, traditions and churches.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, 85th Patriarch of Armenians in Turkey Sahak Mashalyan, Archbishop of Armenian Catholic Church Monsignor Levon Zekiyan, Patriarchal Vicar of the Syriac Catholic Church Chorbishop Monsignor Orhan Çanlı, Archbishop of the Chaldean Church Monsignor Ramzi Garmo, Apostolic Vicar of the Latin Catholic Church Bishop Ruben Tierrablan Gonzalez, Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop Yusuf Çetin, Chairman of the Surp Prgiç Armenian Hospital Foundation Bedros Şirinoğlu, consul generals of 25 countries and notable people from business, art and sport world attended the event.

Governor of Istanbul, Ali Yerlikaya congratulated Sahak Maşalyan who was elected as the 85th Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul and wished him success. Yerlikaya wished Merry Christmas to the attendees and wanted the year 2020 to bring goodness and beauty to all mankind.

Yerlikaya explained that different cultures and beliefs have lived together in peace and brotherhood in Istanbul for centuries. He emphasized that the city is a center of civilization where there is no place for discrimination.

Yerlikaya stated that Istanbul has been the capital of three empires, and it hosted many communities from different beliefs and cultures.

Yerlikaya added: “I wish Christmas to become an occasion to strengthen the sense of unity and togetherness which different denominations, traditions and churches celebrate. We are leaving a difficult year behind for humanity. Civil wars, terrorism, hunger and irregular migration and millions of people who have lost their homeland… We have to work hard to do our best for a world that is fairer, more peaceful, where every human being can live humanly. Istanbul will guide humanity in this regard. For centuries, our temples have risen in Istanbul without hurting each other. The gardens of churches and synagogues and the gardens of our mosques are adjacent to each other. Our traditions reflecting the accumulation of centuries connect us to each other.”

Yerlikaya stating that he believes that Istanbul is the healing of all the problems of mankind, said: “In spite of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and anti-Christian ideas in some parts of the world today, the Islamic understanding that has flourished on this land and has rooted for thousands of years is based on a tradition based on love, solidarity, peace and tolerance. The world is entering a new year. I wish peace and happiness to our Christian citizens who celebrate Christmas and the coming of the New Year.”

Presidential Classical Turkish Music Choir also gave a concert in the event.