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Awakening Youth gathered for the First Time in Turkey

The Awakening Youth gathered for the first time in Turkey, in Ankara. 210 young people from 14 cities of Turkey came together to praise the Lord.

Young people arrived in Ankara and the event started at 10.00. After the opening speech, the worship group, directed by the worship leader Umit Tokgöz of Hatay Altınözü Jesus Christ Church, was invited to the stage.

Zekai Tanyar, one of the leaders of the Izmir Karataş church, gave a sermon about the future of the youth. Tanyar underlined many different topics in his sermon.

In his sermon, Tanyar said, “Faith is like a voice saying to us, ‘Jump, I will keep you.’ At that moment we all think; should I jump or not? Here, our trust in Jesus Christ appears. Is Jesus Christ the person who he says to be? Is he reliable or not? We were not only created to worship God, but also to walk with Him. God ‘s not a megalomaniac. Worship means recognizing God as God, but God created us for the relationship. Worship means professing what we rejected before as the human race. We’re trying to make tons of things for God. Whereas, God does not want us to be something else, but being with Him.”

The second session of the event continued with a brief worship, led by the Worship Leader of the Kurtuluş Churches’ Adrienne Neusch. The youth group prayed for the churches in Turkey with the Besiktas Church Youth Group Leader Kaniva Bakır. Then Zekai Tanyar was invited again on stage to preach. This time, Tanyar preached about the future of the church. “Do all the service you will do through the filter of God. Whatever you do, do it fully for the Lord,” Tanyar said.

After the sermon Zekai Tanyar, Bible House Church Pastor Behnan Konutgan and Ankara Yaşam Church Pastor İbrahim Deveci started the panel by answering the questions that young people wrote.

The Awakening Youth meeting held in Turkey for the first time finished by the worship led by Ümit Tokgöz, the worship leader of the Altınözü Church of Jesus Christ and the speeches of Çiğdem Alan, the Worship and Youth Leader of Üsküdar Yaşam Aile Church.