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International Women’s Day Celebrated in Mardin

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, an event was organized in Mardin Protestant Church on March 8th.

Women of Mardin and Diyarbakir Church as well as guests participated in the 8th March International Women’s Day event held in Mardin Protestant Church. The program started with the speech of Deniz Kırılmaz from the Kırklar Church on the history and meaning of March 8th.

After the hymns, Rabia Yilmaz Tufan made a sharing about the place and importance of women in the Bible. Rabia Yilmaz Tufan said “8th March, the International Women’s Day is neither a celebration nor a commemoration day. When God created man, he gave some of his qualities to men and others to women. So, we look like our Father. We are like him, and we are created in God’s image, and we are very precious. Well, do we feel that way? Let’s open our hearts to the Lord and let the Lord touch them, heal them, liberate them where we need healing. Father said that we are invaluable. So, what did the world do? We value women differently in every country. Let’s look at the value of women in our land. There are many proverbs in our culture who insult the women, such as: ‘Her hair is long, but her brain is short’, ‘Where your husband hit, the rose enflowers.’ In this land, that’s the value we’re making for women. There’s a plan, an evil plan here. Let the Lord open our eyes and let us see.”

Yilmaz Tufan also said that the demon had a great duty and it was there to steal, kill and destroy as written in the Scripture. “The Devil stole from us, stole a lot of things. It stole our value. We had to be like our Father, we are supposed to be invaluable, as we are daughter in the eyes of the Lord. But it attacked our values. What did the devil kill within us? It killed the possibility of the emergence of treasures within us. But there is such a thing as “Women’s Power”. Do you know where it comes from? From our Father! God created us strong. Well, are you able to say that you rediscovered your value, and you exist as a woman, and you are valuable? With the touch of the Lord, yes. With the touch of the Lord we stand up, and this is where everything begins. And we say, what it is written in Philippians 4:13: I can do anything through the One who empowers me. And we begin to take back the areas which the devil took from us, the lands that we lost, and more.”