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Jesus’s Love Stories Translated into Turkish

December 2018

The Jesus Storybook Bible children’s book which is translated in many languages and sold millions of copies in the world was translated into Turkish by Kucak Publishing House.

This book, having won several awards and gold medals, focuses on the fact that the biblical stories are based on the truth. The story described in the book also includes the whole story of the Bible. The protagonist of the story is a baby and all other narratives focus on it. In each story, the name of this child is whispered to the reader. From Noah to Moses and David, the story of this child’s story is revealed to the reader. The most important part that combines all parts is this child.

This book, which is very well written and illustrated, was translated into Turkish by Kucak Publishing House. The Jesus Storybook Bible which is one of the most comprehensive children’s books ever made on the basis of the Bible, is an invaluable foundation book for the Christian literature.

To get a complimentary copy of this book, which is among the best sellers worldwide, just fill out the order form on the Kucak Publishing House’s website!