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Church signboard was dismantled

7 June 2018

The signboard of the Protestant Church of Mardin was dismantled by person or persons who could not be identified.

Two signboards of the Mardin Protestant Church, restored three years ago and opened for worship, were broken and thrown into the streets five days ago by unknown person or persons.

Mardin Protestant Church Pastor Mr Ender Peker said that this situation is an event that deeply upset them and Mardin is not worth that. Peker said, “There is a shortage here as you see it. There was also a Protestant Church sign beside the Latifiye Mosque. We put it here 2-3 years ago and it was the signboard of our church. There was another signboard on the street. Unfortunately in these days both of them are broken and thrown here, the pieces are standing. Such attacks do not suit Mardin.

We went to the Police office and complained. We do not know what the police will find out but they are investigating the case. It’s a hate crime. It has no material value either. We will fix them and do not want it to happen again."