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1400-year-old Saint Adday Syriac Church to be renovated

21 May 2018

The Saint Adday (Mor Adday) Syriac Church, which is dated to 620 AD, situated in the Başak village of İdil district in Şırnak, will be renovated.

The 1400-year-old church which is one of the historical and touristic monuments of Idil and its surrounding villages was demolished because of the carelessness. Mehmet Siraç Sağlam, Basak village head said, “The Mor Adday Church is 1400 years old. In 1992, our country was evacuated due to the terror incidents. After that, the church is turned into a ruin.

“We would like to request this church to be renovated by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. It is a beautiful monument. It would be a huge contribution to the tourism in the region. Every autumn, the Syriac Christians come from Germany for their religious celebrations here.”

According to Turkey’s Culture Portal website, the Mor Adday Syriac Church was abandoned at the end of the 19th century. The church, which has been used as a house for a while is now turned into a ruin. (Source: IHA, Milliyet).