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Like many people in Turkey, Bahri* had negative feelings towards Christians. Before he started watching SAT-7 TÜRK, he said, “I was biased.”

As he watched, though, Bahri was moved. “You have an honest and caring community,” he says. “My prejudice was completely destroyed. Your channel makes me see the truth.”

Bahri’s is one of several stories the channel has witnessed recently in which viewers have shared that the channel has shown them they were wrong in their understanding of Christianity. This is an important objective for SAT-7 in Turkey, where Christians are in a tiny minority and face much hostility.

Now Bahri says, “I take joy in watching your channel. Because I am watching, my entire household has turned against me.” But even as the members of his household shun him, he is encouraging them to watch SAT-7 TÜRK too. “No matter what happens, I will continue to watch,” he says.

*Mame changed for security reasons