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A Man Finds Peace

Baran* was raised in a family sympathetic to the Kurdish rebels of southeastern Turkey. As a teenager, he protested against the Turkish government. Later his activism turned to aggression when he joined the guerilla movement fighting Turkish forces. Baran first read the Bible while camped out in the mountains with the rebels. After many years of fighting, he became increasingly disillusioned with the political cause and returned to D.

In the city Baran found his way to a protestant church. He began to search the Bible diligently with a few of the elders and soon turned his life over to Jesus Christ. As Baran studied scripture, his life began to change radically. When he shared with the church leadership that he felt called to be in ministry, he was encouraged to begin by making things right with the Turkish government.

Baran wrote a letter to the government expressing his sorrow for his terrorist activities. He offered to fulfill the requirement for mandatory service in the Turkish military. The government replied that he would have to complete his military service and that, additionally, he would serve time in prison afterwards due to his terrorist activities.

Baran completed his military service and then served more than six months in prison for his previous crimes. While in prison, Baran was allowed to keep his Bible. He took every opportunity to witness to other prisoners about the change Jesus Christ had made in his life. Baran saw God miraculously save two prison inmates prior to his release.

• Praise God for the believers in D. who are discipling new believers like Baran.
• Pray for God to call new members to his kingdom like Baran.
• Pray for men like Baran to be faithful followers of Christ even in the midst of difficulties. Pray for God to use Baran to make his name known in D.

Article from Pray for Turkey Cities
*Names changed to protect identities.