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Trials and Tears

When Arzu* was still a child, her father took a second wife. As the family dynamics shifted, Arzu was alternately ignored and abused. She often suffered for days without food because her new mother would not permit her to eat with the family. When she was only fifteen years old, she agreed to marry a man simply to get out of her father’s house.

Arzu gave birth to the first of five children the year after she married. While she was pregnant with her youngest child, her husband left her and moved to another city. Arzu was crushed. Not only would she have to raise five children alone, but she became the object of shame from friends and family. Not long after her youngest daughter was born, her husband returned home, announcing that he had cancer. Arzu graciously received him and cared for him for the short time he had left.

Despite a life of trials and tears, Arzu is not without hope. Recently she met a foreign family. She was hired to teach the family Turkish on a daily basis. One day during class the family gave her a New Testament and told her that they loved her because Christ first loved them.

Intrigued, Arzu began reading through the book. After finishing the New Testament, she asked for an entire Bible. Arzu began being discipled by another foreign family on a weekly basis and she soon confessed Christ as Lord and Savior. Filled with joy, Arzu is now sharing her faith openly despite the possibility of facing severe persecution.

• Praise God for saving Arzu.
• Pray for Arzu’s children to come to know Christ.
• Pray for women like Arzu who face difficult situations and need to find hope in Christ.

* Article from Pray for Turkey Cities
* Names changed to protect identities