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Counting the Cost

Murat* is experiencing the pain of persecution from those who once provided the greatest support: his family.

When he became a university student, he left the village and moved into his brothers’ city apartment. His brothers provided stability and assistance while he began his studies. Life was pretty good. A little over a year ago, however, Murat heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and believed. He was now afraid to share his faith with his brothers. Before long his brothers found his Bible and questioned him. “I am just researching,” he told them in fear. His brothers burned his Bible and informed his father. They imposed strict rules on him, watching him carefully and trying to isolate him from other believers.

Murat spent the summer in his family village, almost completely cut off from other believers. Desiring to learn more about God and grow in his faith, he read the Bible late at night, but his father found him and threw his Bible in the trash. He tried reading an electronic copy of Scripture only to be discovered again.

Murat has returned to the city to start a new year of school. He wants to start meeting with others for worship. He plans to speak openly with his family about his faith and hopes to be baptized.

Murat’s public confession of faith could be accompanied by total rejection from his family, the loss of support as he finishes his studies, and even a backlash of persecution on other believers.

• Pray for Murat as he counts the cost of being a disciple of Christ.
* Names changed to protect identities.