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A Clean Heart

Friday afternoons all of the ladies in my apartment building gather to read the Qur’an together and then drink tea. I normally join in for the tea party that follows the Qur’an reading.

One particular day I arrived early, so I went to sit in the kitchen and wait while they prayed and read. One of my neighbors was sitting in the kitchen alone.

“Aren’t you going to pray?” I asked her.

She explained that she wasn’t able to pray because she was unclean. I began to talk with my friend about what it means to be clean or unclean. I told her that Jesus said it’s not what goes into the mouth that makes one unclean but what comes out.

I told her that whether or not her hands were dirty, God wants her to have a clean heart. She sat for a few minutes not responding and then burst out with a list of questions.

“What does this mean about reading the holy book during my unclean time?” “What does this mean about gossip?” “What does this mean…?”

We discussed James 3 and several other passages of Scripture and then she paused to reflect.

“This is right,” she stated simply. “I don’t know about Christianity and I don’t know about your book, but what you say is right. I spend much time worrying about the outside looking great, when my inside is still unclean.”

We shared a glass of tea that day, but we shared so much more. My friend and I shared a desire to have a clean heart.

Excerpt from Share tea, Share Life

• Pray for Muslims across Turkey to see their sin and need for a Saviour.
• Pray for God to reveal Christ as the one who can make them clean.
• Pray for God to provide more conversations like this one over tea so the Gospel can be shared and men and women can find Christ.