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The task is big. But bubbly “big sister” Nora Yazırlıoğlu, presenter of the new season of SAT-7 TÜRK Kids, has found quite the supporting cast. A sheep puppet and a rocket scientist, among other guests, are helping Nora to fuel the faith of the next generation by sharing essential Christian values with their young viewers in Turkey.

“There just isn’t anything like this on any of the other channels we can get here,” explains a mother in Turkey. “The programme provides such a fantastic opportunity for me to explain to my children what we believe as Christians in ways they understand.”

SAT-7 TÜRK is fulfilling a need in a country where Christian resources are scarce. “It is vital for SAT-7 TÜRK to have biblical programming for children,” shares Melih Ekener, Executive Director of the channel. “By airing interactive children’s programmes, such as SAT-7 TÜRK Kids, we’re appealing to both children and parents about how to grow up in a godly way.”

During the programme Nora sets daily tasks for the children that encourage them to build healthy relationships and to engage with their environment in a positive way: for example, “look after your family pet” or “list why you are grateful to your parents”. As they participate in these tasks, young children develop skills that enable them to have a positive influence in their society as they grow up.

Another segment of the programme is presented by Ege Ekener, who encourages children to be curious about the world around them. Dressed in a lab coat, Ege shares “Pearls of Wisdom”, interesting facts about the human body, animals, and the environment.

The programme is dynamic and entertaining, with features that vary from day to day and include children’s songs, crafts and stories from the Bible. What doesn’t vary, though, is the Gospel message of God’s love for children, which runs throughout the entire series.

• Pray for God to bless the work of Nora, presenter of SAT-7 TÜRK Kids, so she can bring life to the programme’s young viewers.
• Pray for Christian parents in Turkey who, like the mother in the story, need opportunities to explain the Christian message to their children.
• Pray that the children watching SAT-7 TÜRK Kids would have a real encounter with the love of God.