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Every day, SAT-7 TÜRK’s Audience Relations team receives calls and text messages from curious and interested viewers, who want to ask questions about Christianity or simply give feedback on the many live programmes. However, some of the most exciting messages are from viewers who want to share what God has done in their lives.

One such viewer, Cemre*, got in touch with SAT-7 TÜRK to share his experience of God’s healing power. Prone to explosive bursts of aggression, anger completely consumed Cemre’s life. Doctors and medications didn’t help, and he didn’t know where to turn.

“I was a very angry person. I was neurotic,” he recalls.

Desperate to get some help, Cemre travelled across Turkey and spent a lot of money, visiting various hospitals and consulting famous doctors. Unfortunately, none of them were able to free him of his anger.

“Every time I took the medication I was given, I would be in a near unconscious state,” Cemre remembers. “They would numb me so much that I wouldn’t be able to leave the house and go outside. They didn’t make me better.

“I tried different ways of getting rid of the anger when the medication didn’t help. At that point I was unable to contain or control it anymore. I was smashing the windows and breaking down the doors at home. Nothing helped.”

The intervention of his friends, however, proved to be a turning point in his life.

“My friends told me to give all my burdens and anger to Jesus Christ who is God, and that He would heal me. I didn’t really believe them at first, but they wouldn’t stop telling me to do it.”

Cemre finally started to read the Bible, and as he read it, he began to pray.

“I prayed and cried out to God for nine days. I begged for Him to heal me. And I was healed, God healed me!”

Cemre was finally able to live a life free of anger, and he is full of gratitude for what God has done in his life. “Jesus was able to do what the doctors couldn’t do because I believed in Him wholeheartedly. I’m not on any medication anymore, but I keep my old medications as a reminder of what God has done.”

Cemre also shared a hymn he wrote:

Christ, My Saviour, you healed my illness.
You have become my medicine, Jesus, my Lord.
I learned forgiveness, humility and loving others from you.
You gave me everything.
I live with your Holy Spirit.”

Not only does God perform miracles in SAT-7 TÜRK viewer’s lives, He uses these stories to fuel the energy, passion, and creativity of the channel’s staff as well.

“These are a huge blessing for us,” says Nora Isaoğlu, a member of staff at SAT-7 TÜRK.

“When we hear these testimonies, we understand, ‘Yes, God really is working everywhere.’ As a result, we can pray with more faith and conviction today.”

• Thank God that He set Cemre free from anger!
• Pray for other SAT-7 TÜRK viewers like Cemre, who share their wonderful stories of transformation with us. Pray that these viewers stay in touch with SAT-7 TÜRK so they may be a source of support and encouragement to each other.
• Pray that SAT-7 TÜRK will continue to produce programmes that help viewers with their questions about God and Christianity.

*Name changed for security reasons