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Children's Camp

September 2018

We would like to share something with you for prayer. We have been conducting a ministry for children every Saturday at our church. We are thankful to the Lord as many children are attending. Indeed, almost all of our neighbours allow their children to come to the church for the children’s activities.

Some of these children were able to go to the KUCAK children’s camp. However, many of the parents were afraid to send their children to the children’s camp, simply because it was held in eastern Turkey.

We rejoice as God touched the lives of each of the children at camp to one degree or other. That being said, the children who could not attend the camp were deprived of this blessing. If it is the will of God, we would like to do something similar to the children’s camp, for three days during the winter school break. For the summer camp, just past, many of the mothers really wanted to come to the camp with their children, but we were unable to take them. And so, the notion was born that at the same time as activities for the children, we could also provide a programme for their mothers.

Hence, we feel there is a natural opportunity to have seminars about raising children, family relations and women’s health for the mothers whilst their children are engaged in their activities.

As we would do this locally, we would be able to invite all the children and their mothers from the Saturday children’s ministry. We could also invite the children of other local churches to join us.

Please pray with us concerning this. Pray that we would know the mind of God. Our goal is to walk in step with Him. We do not want to convince our All-Knowing, Loving God of our plans but to join Him in what He is doing. The fact is, He loves these children far more than we do.

May God bless you!