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Letter from Turkey

Today when we went out to distribute food aid, we again met new people. They are so many that we didn’t have enough for them all. We were able to help some. Lord willing, next week we will be able to help more of them. Their lives are hard, very hard. We hear such terrible things from them.

Some people are making the refugees’ lives even harder. One family had several beautiful young daughters. The family has moved elsewhere and even though it was hard, we managed to find them. We asked them, “Why did you move?” Their answer was that their landlord wanted the beautiful young daughter (in marriage), and when they didn’t agree to give her, they were thrown out of the place they were staying.

The lives of the children are also arduous. These small children are working beyond what their age can handle. A two year old baby was crying. I asked, “Where is his mother?” They told me his mother had gone to work. “So who is watching him?” I asked. “His aunt,” came the reply. “Which one is his aunt?” I asked. They pointed to a five year old girl (see the photo the girl with a white sweater holding a baby with stripped purple shirt) with a seven month old baby in her arms. This little girl was looking after (baby-sitting) two babies… and she is not much more than a baby herself! Every time we go to help the refugees, we come back with other melancholy, somber stories.

Lord, stop this war! Let these people go back to their country so the children are not so crushed.

I know you are praying, and we are very, very thankful for your prayers and support in all ways. Because of your support and your prayers, you are making these children’s lives a little easier.

May the Lord bless you!

Source: A Church in Turkey