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Praises and Prayer requests from Churches in I

April 2021

• We thank God that we can continue to meet on Sundays!
• We thank God for the new people attending.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for the physical and spiritual health of those who can't come to church because of corona virus.
• Pray that the newcomers would be accepted and blend in well with our church.

December 2020

Prayer Requests
• Pray that we would train up people to carry out responsibilities and to disciple others.
• Pray for God's wisdom for our leaders as the pandemic period continues.
• Pray that God would grow and mature the faith of the new believers.

October 2020

Prayer Requests
• Pray for youth “SB” who will go to Morocca for a year to serve. Pray that “SB”’s obedience would be an example for the youth in Turkey. Pray that they will be seeking lost souls not only among their own people, but in all the world.
• “F”’s husband went to Iran and is not able to come back to Turkey. Pray for an open path.
• “N” wants to go to Turkmenistan for her daughter’s wedding. Pray that the borders will open and that she can go.
• Pray for these believers’ hearts to turn back and be renewed in the Lord as they have distanced from the faith during the pandemic: “G”, “M”,“A”, “F”, “H”, “N”, & “M”
• Pray that we would be bolder in sharing the Gospel more.
• Pray that we would be a fellowship that has the heart of God who seeks lost souls.

January 2019

• We are thankful for the new people coming to our midst.
• In the last 2 months 2 babies in our fellowship have come into the world and one more is expected in February. We thank the Lord for these children. Pray that they would grow healthily and that they would walk in the Lord’s paths.

Prayer Requests
• The upstairs neighbor in our church building filed a complaint about us. Last Sunday they came in during our worship service and shouted a lot. Pray that the Lord would have mercy on them and give them peace.
• This month our rent will go up. Pray that the increase would not be too high! We need to pay the whole year’s rent at once. We also need to collect funds for the stoppage (withholding taxes).
• Pray for our church to grow and that we would be a light to everyone.

December 2018

• We praise the Lord for the healing and blessing He’s given us in 2018!

Prayer Requests
• Pray for our vision of reaching O and the surrounding villages with the Lord’s Good News.
• Pray for Turkey – “the harvest is great but workers are few”.

November 2018

• We praise the Lord for His grace and provision!

Prayer Requests
• Pray for new visions.
• Pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of our traditional and conservative people. Pray that those who hear the Good News would be interested.
• Pray for better relationships and more unity in the church.