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Praises and Prayer requests from a Church in D

December 2020

• Glory be to God! During this corona virus period we are experiencing blessed times. People are coming to faith.
• Those sick and people overtaken by evil spirits are coming to church and being healed. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Requests
• A family who came to faith in 2015 and even had their identification cards changed has found us. We are now preparing them for baptism. Pray for this.
• There is a home just at the end of our property and if we could obtain it, it would be very helpful for us. The landlord is planning to sell it.Please pray for us in this.
• The number of seekers via social media is increasing. Pray that they would come to faith.

January 2020

• Glory to God! We had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Both M and D churches were full and many people remained standing.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that God would work in the hearts of those who came.
• Praise God that guests are coming to our church. Pray that the number of true seekers would increase.
• Pray that this would be a year in which our churches would increase in Bible-reading, prayerful believers.

March 2019

• Praise God – last month 8 people were baptized. Pray for a deep faith and a strong commitment to Christ for each one.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for those preparing for baptism and for the newcomers.
• Pray that God would give us extra courage and wisdom to share the Gospel in a more effective way.

February 2019

• Glory be to God – we are experiencing His wonderful blessings. Last month 4 people in a church were baptized. Last week one believer was baptized and in the coming days 5 people will be baptized. Give thanks for them and pray for them.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for God to touch the hearts of guests to our church and that the Holy Spirit would persuade them to faith.
• Pray that we would reach a wider area with the Gospel in a more effective way.

January 2019

• Glory be to God we had a great year. We thank Him for this.
• We celebrated a wonderful Christmas. Every activity was focused on the Lord’s birth. The church was filled beyond capacity. Pray that the Living Word that was sown in these people’s hearts would bear fruit richly.

Prayer Requests
• A family who has served at our church for years will be taking a sabbatical for 7-8 months. Pray that the Lord would give them rest and deep healing.
• In the upcoming weeks there will be a youth camp for the southeast. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on this time.

December 2018

Prayer Requests
• We have taken a step toward establishing the Foundation. Pray for the Lord’s direction.
• Pray that Christmas would be blessed and that people’s hearts would be as dry ground seeking Living Water.
• Pray that we would, as a church, proclaim the Gospel in a more effective way.

November 2018

• Glory be to the Lord – many visitors are coming to our church. We are trying to share the Gospel very clearly.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that God would breakdown the prejudices in the hearts of visitors to our church and write His Truth on their hearts.
• Pray that God would show us how to reach His people and give us courage and wisdom in this.
• We will soon be taking steps to establish a Foundation. Pray that the Lord will direct us.