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Praises and Prayer requests from a Church in B

April 2021

• We praise God that none of our members or their family members have gotten sick.
• We praise God for the newcomers to our church and for the believers.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that our church and all the churches would grow on a strong foundation of right teaching and in discipleship.
• Pray for God’s provision of new servants and for stable pillars for all of His churches.
• Pray against a second wave of COVID-19 and for this virus to be removed from the world.

November 2020

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for a person who left a suicide note and left their spouse, and who we now have no idea where they are, to not do such a foolish thing.
• Pray that the Lord would protect the entire fellowship and grow & develop us during this time.

October 2020

• We thank God for the Seven Churches tour we did with the youth and for the training time we had at A.
• We praise God that He is working in B and for the newcomers to our church.

Prayer Requests
• With the limits due to COVID-19, pray for both the opening of our church and for the 5 believers who will be baptized to grow in holiness and in their relationships with God.
• Pray that God will enable our youth to serve and protect them from the evil one. Pray for an increase of workers in the Turkish church.
• Pray that God would fill those who are doing distance learning and give them patience and understanding and protect them.

March 2019

• We praise God for providing jobs for 3 believers who were unemployed.
• We praise God for healing 2 believers who had major health issues.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that God would send more workers to B.
• Pray for those who have come from abroad to serve here.
• Pray that God would protect His church from every kind of attack and danger.

February 2019

• We praise God for the believers who have repented and given their lives to Jesus.
• We praise God that we are seeing the members of our church growing in faith.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that the Lord would draw each new person to our church to Himself and work in their hearts.
• Pray that the upcoming elections would be peaceful.
• Pray that the second school semester would be successful and fruitful for all students and teachers.

January 2019

• We praise the Lord for His provision and all He did in B and in our country in 2018.
We praise the Lord for His provision of a building for our brothers and sisters meeting together in A.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that in 2019 the Lord would give us many opportunities to find the lost and share the Good News.
• Pray for the love and unity among all the churches and fellowships to increase.
• Pray for the youth in all the churches to grow in the faith, in school, work, marriage, and in service.

December 2018

• God is working in B and drawing many people to Himself. Praise the Lord!
• We praise Him for the opportunities He’s given us to share the Gospel.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for the Christmas preparations at every church and for many people to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
• Pray for love and brotherhood among the churches and fellowships.
• Pray for awakening in Turkey in 2019.

November 2018

• In recent days God is working in B. Praise the Lord!
• We praise the Lord that some who had left the church have returned.

Prayer Requests
• There is fear from the families and communities of the believers. Please pray for them.
• Pray that the fruit of righteousness would be seen and for growth in faith in the lives of the believers.
• Pray for the Christmas preparations, that Christmas would be peaceful in our country, and that people would have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.