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Praises and Prayer requests from Fellowship in A

April 2021

• Thank the Lord! We are serving in our building.
• Every month we are preaching God’s Word to the families in the refugee area and they are being healed.
• One believer is preparing for baptism.

Prayer Requests
• A family in our fellowship who does worship ministry is moving. They will be a blessing to other believers and another fellowship. Pray that God will send us new worship leaders.

December 2020

• Even if the current pandemic effects believers coming to worship, the number of guests to worship times has increased. God is revealing His sovereignty though healing, both physically and spiritually.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that God will send us new worship leaders.

February 2019

• We are thankful for all that God has given us and for your prayers.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for E. She is 16 years old and has had problems with fainting for a while. The doctors haven’t found anything wrong.
• Pray for G and N who are struggling with cancer.

January 2019

• We thank the Lord for the life He’s provided, for our church and for those who serve.

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for A. He is in critical condition as his cancer is progressing.

December 2018

Prayer Requests
• D’s father is in serious condition in the hospital. Pray for him.
• Pray for our Christmas activities in the city center.
• Praise the Lord for His healing upon those who needed healing.

November 2018

• Thanks be to the Lord that He cares about our troubles and prayers.
• Praise Him that our Heavenly Father accepted us as His children.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for healing for our brother J. and that God would give him peace.
• Last week we met 2 new people. They want to know the Lord and one of them wants to be baptized. We have started baptism classes with them. Pray that God would give us wisdom during this period.