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Praises and Prayer requests from Churches in A

March 2021

• We praise the Lord we are seeing His grace. We thank Him for the believers’ faithful hearts toward God.
• During this pandemic the believers are meeting together in Spirit and sharing God’s Word.

Prayer Requests
• We need a larger place. Pray for God’s provision.
• Pray that the believers who serve would continue to serve healthily, with wisdom, and full of the Holy Spirit.
• Pray that we would grow in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

February 2021

• We thank God for the newcomers and that more people are seeking us out.
• We thank God for those who support us to enable us to do more evangelism and for those who support us:publishing houses, ministry organizations, and those who give tithes and offerings.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that those who have newly started attending would develop both in their faith and in their spiritual gifts.
• Pray for the needs of our church members – those with health issues, for good jobs,and for residence permits.
• Pray that the Lord would use our church effectively for the spread of the Gospel and that He would provide opportunities for us to proclaim the Gospel.

January 2021

Prayer Requests
• Please pray for those in our fellowship who are ill, who haven’t come to faith yet, and who are experiencing problems with residence permits.
• Pray for our country that corona cases would not increase and that we would be able to continue meeting at church for worship.
• Pray for the new people at our church.

December 2020

• We are thankful for all those who distribute Bibles and equip the believers to make it possible to do more evangelism, and we thank God who makes it possible.
• We are reaching people in A and trying to share the Gospel effectively. We praise God for making it possible to proclaim the Gospel.

Prayer Requests
• We vacated our building which wasn’t meeting our needs during the pandemic and now we have no meeting place. We need a bigger,more spacious place. Pray for God’s provision.
• We want to encourage the believers and meet together more to equip the believers in spiritual things. Pray for God’s provision of this and for Him to prepare hearts.

March 2019

Prayer Requests
• Pray that all the believers would live devoted to Jesus and faithfully attending church.
• Pray that God would give us leaders this year.
• Praise the Lord! Facebook has recently been very effective in finding new people. Pray that those seeking would find Christ.

February 2019

• Praise the Lord some of those looking for work have found jobs. 2-3 people are still looking. Pray for them.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that we would be able to do effective evangelism during these months. There are seekers.
• The local believers are taking on more responsibility (preaching, etc). Pray that God would use them as a means of blessing.

December 2018

• We thank God that 2018 was a fruitful year.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for our activities – that God would bless all that we do.

November 2018

• We have had several visitors in recent days. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests
• This month we are training the believers in “Bible Study Methods”. Pray that they would apply what they learn.
• Pray for our Christmas preparations that will be starting soon.
• We have a ministry team of 4 nationals and 1 foreigner. Pray that they would serve faithfully.