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Praises and Prayer requests from Churches in A

April 2021

Prayer Requests
• Pray that we would be able to meet together again in person to worship together.
• As a church we are trying to help those in need during this difficult period. Pray for the Lord’s direction.
• Pray that the Lord would protect our children and that during this period when they are distanced that they would always remember the Word of the Lord.

February 2021

• We continue to look to the Lord in spite of corona virus and the difficulties our foreign brothers and sisters are experiencing. We know that only He has the solution! Of course there are many negative things going on. We had to stop many of our ministries. We haven’t been able to meet in our church building for a long time. But church continues even though we are in our houses. We are striving to maintain our unity. Sermons and studies continue over the Internet.We’ve even had someone come to faith! Praise the Lord, He is working.
• We continue to minister to the neighbor children and their mothers. The church is a huge blessing to the poor families in our neighborhood. God is greatly blessing both the believers and non-believing neighbors.

Prayer Requests
• The Lord is doing new things. Pray that He would prepare us for this and use us more mightily.
• We prayed for a long time and our church leader has retired. God is wonderful and is taking wonderful care of us! Praise Him!

November 2020

• Praise the Lord we have new believers this month!
• Praise the Lord He is working among our neighbors.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for the new believers.
• The distance learning system has been very difficult for many families, both financially and from a discipline standpoint. Please pray that God would help these families.

February 2020

• Praise the Lord we had a richly blessed Christmas celebration. There was an event in H organized by five churches. We saw blessing in our childrens’ ministry. Of the unbelieving families whose children attend our church, 13 children with their mothers and fathers attended the event together. The Gospel was clearly shared. Most of the families said they were very moved by the event. There were 13 unbelieving families and 46 children.

Prayer Requests
• Last year when we held a seminar (Jan 19-22), not including those who serve, 83 children and 38 mothers came. Months after this seminar, 5 mothers faithfully continue to attend both Saturday meetings and Sunday services, and they are very hard-working. They do whatever needs to be done at the church – they treat it like their own home. Perhaps there has never been anyone who has shown them so much value and worth in their lives up to this point, so they are very happy and feel valued. These women do not know Christ, but they are eager to learn. After sermons they discuss what they’re missing. They may be coming to church because their children want to or because of the love of the church. Pray that these women would know the Lord,and that the church and the children would be a vehicle that leads them to Christ. Pray that they would pave the way for their husbands as well. We are considering holding this seminar again this year in August. Pray that it would be even more richly blessed. There will be times of personal counseling. For this many of the believing women will be available. This year the seminar will be only for children and moms, but in future years, Lord willing, we can have it for fathers as well. Pray that we would understand the Lord’s will.
• Because our purpose is to introduce these families to Christ, we want to invite a few mature believing families with kids from different cities to connect with them, establish friendships, and share God and life examples with them. Believers from D church and another ministry will followup with the children. Another group will come to do sports therapy and they will train us ahead of time. Then they will train the children. Pray for this period, that God would provide everything needed.

March 2019

• Praise the Lord! The children’s activity we hold every Saturday is going well. The number of youth has been increasing since the seminar. And the number of children and youth increases greatly from time to time.

Prayer Requests
• Pray that God would draw these children to Himself and that they would be salt and light to their families.
• Preparations for the women’s seminar continue. It will be held in M for the first time this year. Pray that God would now begin preparing the hearts of all the women.
• Our refugee ministry continues. Pray that the Lord would give us strength and send us more helpers.

February 2019

• Praise the Lord! We had a wonderful seminar. Of course, there were some holes but we were so blessed that it wasn’t noticed. God did a wonderful thing. This may have made history for us because a seminar like this has not been held in Turkey before. Maybe in the entire Middle East. A total of 153 people attended – 26 helpers, 38 mothers, and 89 children. 3 mothers and 4 children attended daily. The rest stayed in the hotel and attended all the activities.
• Outside of the helpers only 7 of the mothers were believers and 18 children were from believing families. The rest, meaning more than 100 people were non-believers. Moms and kids sang worship songs joyfully with dancing and movements.

Prayer Requests
• God worked and we watched awe-fully. Please pray that these planted seeds would produce fruit.
• We are thankful for all those who prayed for us and helped with the finances. May you be even more blessed. As our budget was met, there was even an overflow!
• We are planning to do this conference again if the Lord wills, but we first want to discern was God wants. Pray for us in this.

December 2018

• We are thankful for all that the Lord has given us and for His protection of us to this day.

Prayer Requests
• That the Holy Spirit would work mightily in the hearts of those we’ve shared the Gospel with, that they would come to faith.
• Pray for M to be healed.
• For blessing upon the book shop.
• We have been ministering to children every Saturday for almost 2 years. Praise the Lord many children are coming. Of these children 4 were able to attend a Camp. Almost all our neighbors allow their children to come to church, but because the camp is held far away, they were scared to send them. God touched the hearts of the children but unfortunately the rest of the children were left deprived. We’ve prayed about this for about a month and praise God, He has given us a special heart for this ministry. We want to do something like the camp for 3 days. We will also do a program for the mothers of the children. The mothers wanted to go to a camp, but we couldn’t take them. We want to give them an opportunity to hear from the Lord and hear seminars on child-raising, family relationships, and women’s health. If the Lord wills, it will be held in 2019. Other churches will support us. We’ve invited all the church kids and mothers. Please pray for us in this.

November 2018

• We thank the Lord for His protection of us and that He is continually with us.

Prayer Requests
• That those we have shared God’s Word with would come to faith.
• For more souls to come to faith and attend our fellowship.
• For those sick to find healing.
• For blessing upon the book shop.