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Praises and Prayer request from a Fellowship in T

March 2021

• We have been praying for a long time for a building and praise the Lord, He provided! We now have a place that belongs to the Lord. Pray that our blessed members would be more greatly blessed by this.

Prayer Requests
• We sent one of our sisters to the P. school. Please pray that God would touch her life more and that she would be a good and humble student.
• Pray for our sick and unemployed.
• Pray for our Saturday worship meetings in homes.
• Pray for a sister who will behaving her pacemaker changed in the upcoming weeks – that God would prepare her.

March 2020

• Recently T was very blessed by teachers who came from Bulgaria and Greece.
• T church has found a single home building to use.We praise God for His provision.

August 2019

Prayer Requests
• The believers are meeting in homes every Saturday for worship. Pray for more blessed times and that the Holy Spirit would work among the believers.
• Worship is taking places in a village in T. We are praying for a place to buy in the city center and close area. We have a bit of money. Pray for the Lord’s blessing and provision.
• Pray for those sick; in particular, one sister is having intermittent heart problems.
• As we worship in the village we are ostracized by some. Pray about this.

January 2019

• Praise the Lord, our meetings are going well and are very encouraging.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for God’s blessing on our meetings.
• Pray for those sick among us.

December 2018

Prayer Requests
• A sister is still receiving therapy – pray for healing.
• The landlord of our place wants to use the location for himself. We have to clear out and now we are looking for a new location. Rents are very high! Pray that God would provide an opportunity for us to buy a building.

November 2018

• We praise the Lord that the believers are taking every opportunity to share the Gospel with their families.

Prayer Requests
• Pray for healing for a sister who has had pain in her bones for years. Sometimes the pain is so bad that she can not walk.
• Center which we pay for each year. Pray that we would be able to buy a new place.
• Pray for the believers who are not able to attend the fellowship due to fear of family and community.