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Praises and Prayer requests from a Fellowship and Church in M

November 2020

Prayer Requests
• During the pandemic our online worship continues. Some weeks we are visiting families and having meetings in homes.
• Pray that fear would not rule the hearts of the believers during this time and that they would be emboldened in the Lord.
• Pray that God will touch the hearts of the people we have met over the Internet.
• Pray for God’s protection and for peace and health for those in our fellowship who have chronic illnesses.

March 2020

• Recently M and T were very blessed by teachers who came from Bulgaria and Greece.

August 2019

• Praise the Lord! One believer could not have children but thanks to your prayers the Lord gave this family a child.

Prayer Requests
• We have some refugee families and we are doing what we can to help them. Pray for their health and economic/work difficulties.
• Pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of the seeking families and youth.
• Some of the believers are in other cities for the summer. Pray that each one would receive encouragement from the Lord in these times.

January 2019

• Praise the Lord our home visits and women’s meetings are going well and are very encouraging.

Prayer Requests
• We will have an evangelism activity in the near future. Pray for God’s blessing on this time.
• Pray for those sick among us.
• Pray for one of our sisters who is experiencing family troubles

December 2018

• Praise the Lord for the new believers,

Prayer Requests
• We are preparing for Christmas with all the believers. Pray for the Lord’s blessing.
• The refugee families attending our church have some needs. Pray for God to supply their daily bread.

November 2018

• We have some new seekers and as much as possible we are meeting with them weekly to share the Word. We praise the Lord that He is causing us to meet those whose hearts are truly thirsting for Him.
• Some who had previously distanced from the church are again experiencing a spiritual hunger and have returned to church.

Prayer Requests
• The women in our church are getting together weekly with other women to share.
• Pray for the Lord’s provision of suitable spouses for the single men and women who want to marry.