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Praises and Prayer requests from Turkey

* Pray that God would keep us more awake and alert that we would remember others in our prayers, beseech the Lord for those in difficult situations,and pray for those suffering.

* Pray for our sister who wants to come to Turkey from Ukraine because of the war. She has prepared everything to travel but she is nervous because anything can happen in changing circumstances. Pray that God would clear the path and bring her to Turkey safely.

* Due to the unknowns in Turkey’s tourism sector, some of our members have employment problems. Pray for them.

* Pray for those suffering in the war in Ukraine. Pray also for its quick end and for no more deaths.

* Pray for those struggling due to the current economy and inflation in our country. Pray for their needs and for peace.

* Pray for God’s comfort and peace for those who have sick loved ones, have lost loved ones, or who are unemployed. Pray that His overwhelming provision and grace would be upon us.

* Family members are studying in Russia and their situation may be uncertain because of the war. They need to decide to stay or leave. Pray that the decision will be from God and be in peace.

Letters from Turkey

Prayer requests from persons in Turkey

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