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Praises and Prayer requests from Türkiye

* Pray for believers that they will grow in their knowledge of God and His love, and that their lives will continue to bear fruit.
* Pray that God would protect the believers. Pray also for wisdom for them.
* We are thankful for your prayers over the years. Every act of prayer we know is not looking to the world, but to Our Lord and Savior Christ who came from above, rose to the heavens, and will come again (Acts 1:9-11)
“Our father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

* Praise the Lord He is continuing to ground and grow His Kingdom.

* Over the summer many members went to their home towns for vacation. Many are having problems attending church for various reasons. Pray that God would make ways for them to come before Him and give power to strengthen the church.

* Pray for humility, love,understanding, unity, and peace in all the churches in Türkiye.

* Someone with a huge problem saw miraculous break through. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers. God knows the details,

* Pray that God builds what He wants and washes away what He doesn’t want.

* There are many young people in our church, and they are striving to keep their eyes on the Lord and not the world. Though the world is deceiving they are coming to church faithfully and trying to be apart of the church.

* Pray that God would keep us more awake and alert that we would remember others in our prayers, beseech the Lord for those in difficult situations,and pray for those suffering in the war.

* We praise the Lord for our church members’ faithfulness to the Lord and their quick growth in the faith.

* We need a building that is easy for everyone to get to. Please pray for this.

* Pray that our youth would not be taken off balance by the ways of this dark and evil world, but that they would remain in Christ and grow.

* One family has had some very positive developments in their lives but need prayer for everything to go according to God’s will— Pray that no wrong decisions are made and that God guides the process.

* Pray for those unemployed(especially refugees) to find work.

* Pray that God would keep us more awake and alert that we would remember others in our prayers, beseech the Lord for those in difficult situations,and pray for those suffering.

* Pray for our sister who wants to come to Türkiye from Ukraine because of the war. She has prepared everything to travel but she is nervous because anything can happen in changing circumstances. Pray that God would clear the path and bring her to Türkiye safely.

* Due to the unknowns in Türkiye’s tourism sector, some of our members have employment problems. Pray for them.

* Pray for those suffering in the war in Ukraine. Pray also for its quick end and for no more deaths.

* Pray for those struggling due to the current economy and inflation in our country. Pray for their needs and for peace.

* Pray for God’s comfort and peace for those who have sick loved ones, have lost loved ones, or who are unemployed. Pray that His overwhelming provision and grace would be upon us.

* Family members are studying in Russia and their situation may be uncertain because of the war. They need to decide to stay or leave. Pray that the decision will be from God and be in peace.

Letters from Türkiye

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