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No Friends But the Mountains

July 2022

A century ago world powers left the Kurds off their newly drawn maps. Pen, paper and powerful men established lines that crisscrossed the traditional homelands of the Kurds. These lines helped create the modern boarders of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, but not Kurdistan.

Though map-makers of old overlooked the Kurdish people, God never did. Our Lord promised that His glory would one day be among all peoples, including the Kurds. Some Kurds believe the turns of history prove they are a despised people. A Kurdish proverb says, “The Kurds have no friends but the mountains.” Yet the creator of the mountains has established a way for the Kurds to step beyond friendship and become full heirs in His Kingdom.

Kurds in Turkey have very little access to the gospel, partly because there are very few mission workers serving among them. In recent years however, God used workers in Turkey to bring a few Kurds to faith in Him. Though isolated, these new believers join a small, but growing body of Kurdish believers, who have accepted the good news of Jesus Christ.

Today workers are developing audio and visual materials in the Kurdish dialect spoken in this region. The work is critical since most Kurds do not read or write in their own heart language.

PRAY • Ask God to help workers complete these projects quickly so that the good news of Christ’s salvation will soon get into the hearts and minds of the Kurds of Turkey.
• Pray for God to call more people to work among the Kurds in Turkey, where conditions may be difficult and demanding.